Due November 13, 2018

Prisoner Packets are due at the association office on November 13, 2018.
Approved Packing List from SC Department of Corrections:

  • One BLACK non-retractable pen (no wire clip, no other color pen)
  • One writing tablet no larger than 5 x8 (no wire bound or composition books)
  • One adult toothbrush (individually factory-sealed, no multi-packs)
  • Five first-class #10 Stamp-Embossed Envelopes (from US Post Office – no regular stamps)
  • Two rolls of candy like LifeSavers, Mentos, Breath Savers (NO Smarties, Sweetarts, Necco Wafers, Rolos, Starburst, TicTacs)
  • One 3.2oz. – 6oz. bar of soap (no travel size, no unwrapped/unboxed bars)
  • One 4 oz. – 6 oz. toothpaste (no travel size)
  • ONE-gallon size zipper bag (no other size bags accepted)Please DO NOT INCLUDE: washcloths, toothbrush holders, floss, soap dishes, combs

Please take all Christmas packets to the Santee Baptist Association:  November 13,2018 between 1 & 4 PM
All items must fit in the zipper bag with zipper bag with zipper closed securely.

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