God Gives Grace to Withstand

by Kevin Litchfield

I have been reading Matt Chandlers new book, Joy in the Sorrow, and this quote jumped out at me: “One way or another, for better or worse, suffering plays a formative role in life. And so, when we experience loss, we can find an opportunity.

Suffering holds the potential to awaken us to life much larger than our own. Through suffering, God calls us out of our own lives and their dreams and hopes and concerns, to transcend earthly things and know Him.

When we walk through suffering, we can discover immeasurable amounts of grace to withstand all difficulties in life.

Matt Chandler’s writes, “Western culture says RUN FROM SUFFERING and some cultures say, RUN TO IT, but the Scriptures encourage US to walk with God in the midst of it… That may not sound like a balm to the soul; but it is, because only when we stand in that place that we can enjoy the truth that Jesus is with us and for us in our suffering and leading us through it.”