Wait on the Lord… Trust Him

By Kevin Litchfield

I was recently drawn to 1 Samuel 13. Saul and his army were facing a great military enemy. Saul had instructions to wait on Samuel to offer a sacrifice to God before the military campaign would begin. When Saul saw that his troops were rapidly slipping away, he offered the sacrifice himself.

Samuel arrives soon after and Saul offers several reasons and excuses for his disobedience. In verse 12 Saul says, “I felt compelled to offer the burnt sacrifices myself before you came.”

Saul was asked to wait; but waiting made no sense so he took control and offered the sacrifices himself. Saul’s pride, impatience, and need to control contributed to his downfall.

In my own life the need to control has caused me to miss the blessings of God. Waiting involves trusting in God’s time and not rushing to fill in the blanks ourselves.

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