Something To Think About

by Kevin Litchfield

While reading Gary Mayes book, “DNA of a Revolution”, Gary brings up a different thought in regard to Acts 1:8. He implies that this verse is really a reply to the question in verse 6 asking has the time come for the restoration of Israel?

He shares that perhaps the underlying thought behind the question was a desire to settle down and make Jerusalem their home base. But Jesus offers a different response. Gary paraphrases the conversation in Acts 6-8 like this:

Jesus can we finally set up shop in Jerusalem? Jesus replied: No, I didn’t call you to be a set-up-shop people. You are a sent people. I didn’t call you to be a community that waits for the world to come to you.

You are a band of witnesses going to the world around you – a community of people on mission. Just as I invited you to come and follow me a long time ago. I am sending you with my spirit as witnesses into this world I love.

Reflect on this thought day.

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