Fishers of Men by John Sorrells

A friend took me fishing last month at Lake Wateree. We talked about church.  We talked about our mutual love for God’s people and a desire to see God do great things through His church.  We long to behold His glory.  We spoke of the church’s purpose lead people to and grow people in Christ.

We were watching the birds flying all over the lake and it reminded me of some vivid pictures of our church in this community. The birds come to Wateree in the winter for food.  The circle of life works this way: the stripers chase the shad to the top where the birds feed also on the shad. Men look for the birds to catch the stripers.  From a boat you can observe several things.  Birds that the fishermen call scouts fly up and down the lake seeking the disturbance of water.  Often the birds flock together encircling something that appears to be activity.  It often ends up being a loon.  Here’s the take on the loon.  There are shad there, but the loon dives deep to feast.  I will address that later. It is unmistakable when finally a real feeding frenzy is observed on the top of the water.  All the birds within sight come to where the food is readily available. They come quickly. Boats also motor to the spot with eager, ecstatic fishermen.

Many in the world are spiritually hungry whether they are cognizant of it or not. In all cultures we find many flying from frenzy to frenzy in search of meaning in life. There are frenzies that offer a smorgasbord of the spiritual—other religions, philosophies, mysticism, cults and paganism.  For some, they may find that others are feeding but they have no means to feed.  Like gulls among loons, there is food but it is too deep for them to come to the table.  The content or the approach may be too deep and they are left searching with empty souls.  There are others, in the case of the gulls the majority, who spot the frenzy that only shad on top of the water can produce, and they flock there to gorge themselves on the abundance of food being offered at the top, readily available.  Here is the takeaway for the church in 2017.

The church has to be where the food is readily available to all. The church is where the food, God’s word of Truth, is feasted upon and available to others throughout the world.  The result of a church feeding together on Truth should impact its community.  The church must produce scouts who go out into our community and constantly point the searching to where there is abundance of truth.  Our feasting upon truth will grow us all and will create a frenzy that attracts the hungry to feed with us. Come and eat!  Invite others to the table.  Help others to feed.

“We proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, so that we may present every man complete in Christ.” Colossians 1:28

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