Stories I want to share…

I love my job, for lots of reasons.  One of the reasons is I get to hear people’s stories and how Jesus is changing their lives.  I want to share some of those stories with you:

  • A woman from another country told her LIFE Group during a Christmas party: ““You all don’t see nationality; you accept me as one of you.  I have never felt more loved, more part of a group than I do today.”

I love LIFE Groups being places of grace!

  • David, our worship pastor, struck up a conversation in a doctor’s waiting room with an older woman.  She said her husband disliked church because he had been burned by several churches in the past.   But they had heard that Alice Drive wasn’t like other churches.  She was waiting for someone to invite them to come – so David told her, “You’re invited!”

People are literally waiting for an invitation!

  • A young man who felt like he didn’t fit in anywhere started attending our Monday night service.  He attended off and on for a few months.  Todd, our Education Pastor, had a conversation with him recently, and he told Todd he accepted Jesus two months ago and was ready to be baptized!

Could we have reached this young man if we didn’t do Monday night service for people who won’t or can’t come on Sunday?

  • Nineteen months ago a man walked into Jock’s office and told him, “I’m an alcoholic and I am killing myself.”  Jock helped that man come to Jesus.  He got involved in Celebrate Recovery and is now stepping up to serve God in a way He never thought possible.

Everyone matters to God, even people who are wrecking their lives.  No one is beyond the love and light of Jesus.

  • One of the joys of being pastor of one church for a long time is seeing a teenager you thought was pretty hopeless turn into a great servant of Jesus. This past weekend, I watched this now young adult help someone learn to serve Jesus.

God has a purpose for everyone; even when we can’t see it!

There are a thousand great stories at Alice Drive of how people are taking a next step toward Jesus.  If you stop and think about it, I’ll bet you have story of how you are taking a next step toward Him.  Here’s what I know for sure: Someone needs to hear that story!





PS:  If you have a great story of how you are taking a next step toward Jesus, share it with me, would you?  Send it to

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