The Santee Baptist Association is a network of Baptist congregations cooperating to share the transforming message of Jesus Christ.  We provide opportunities for growth, leadership development, encouragement, guidance and support to pastors, laity, ministry groups and individuals.

Looking for a church? There are more than 50 churches within the association. Let us help you find a church home.  Our Churches.

You may notice some changes to our website throughout the next couple of weeks.  We’re in the process of updating our website to bring you more photos and information about Santee Baptist Association.  Contact us if you have any questions at info@santeebaptist.org.  Thank you!

A Note from our Associational Missionary

It has been an exciting few months of ministry here at Santee Baptist Association. One of the areas of focus has been building relationships with the pastors that make up our 50 churches. The Lord has allowed me to personally connect with 40 of our 50 pastors. Many of these conversations have revolved around the purpose of Santee Baptist Association, the “WHY” question.

I have shared that our primary purpose is to serve our churches by resourcing, encouraging, and praying for the senior pastor and his staff and in that process helping them develop an Acts 1:8 mission strategy. The association exists to serve our pastors; not the other way around.

Mark your calendars now for October 9, 5:30 – 8 pm, for our 139th Annual Meeting/Mission Celebration in Summerton’s Community Center. It will be a great time for all our churches to celebrate together all that the Lord has done. It will be a great time for everyone to see visibly who we are and why we exist.